Heideggerian phenomenology

"to let that which shows itself be seen from itself in the very way in which it shows itself from itself"

Most of the time I am capable of holding back the bouts of physical disapproval when it comes to experiencing the effects of the ineptitude of British politicians. However, should the National Media Museum, a beacon of culture and knowledge in the North, be forced to close due to imposed public austerity i think i may be forced to gesticulate at least a single and admittedly feable fist-shake-to-the-air. I mean, what an appalling disgrace that we should have to lose such an astounding gift due to the bloody-mindedness and absolute inefficacy of ‘our’ politicians.

The Shard is currently London’s tallest skyscraper. No doubt its appearance is quite different from any regular commercial building but does it achieve Piano’s aim of overcoming the ‘phallic’ nature of tall buildings?

Commodity consciousness - Zizek

The crucial paradox of this relationship between the social effectivity of the commodity exchange and the ‘consciousness’ of it is that - to use again a concise formulation by Sohn-Rethel - ‘this non-knowledge of the reality is part of its very essence’: the social effectivity of the exchange process is a kind of reality which is possible only on condition that the individuals partaking in it are not aware of its proper logic; that is, a kind of reality whose very ontological consistence’ implies a certain non-knowledge of its participants - if we come to ‘know too much’, to pierce the true functioning ofsocial reality, this reality would dissolve itself. 

She speaks the truth.